Characteristics of their lands


Characteristics of their lands

Our lands are located in the region of Alto Chaco, Department of Boquerón. Between the Pilcomayo and Paraguay Rivers.

It is a plain that slopes gently towards the Paraguay river.

Inside it, plains alternate with thick forests. The average decline of Chaco from West to East is less than 30 cms. per km and the largest declines are 40 cms. per km Philadelphia town is located 145 meters away. And the town of Mariscal Estigarribia is 181 mts. above sea level.

Its climate is tropical. The average annual temperature is 25°C, the annual average relative humidity is 78% and the annual rainfall is 900mm. The rainy season is from October to March being the winter months rather dry. North wind is warm and humid and South wind cold and dry. These are the two prevailing winds and its main characteristic is the persistence and smoothness. It is not a cyclone zone.

Its soils are brown alike or associated with it and sandy regosols.
Fertility in brown soils is high, possibly the most fertile of Paraguay. They are not saline or alkaline or have toxic salts in their profile, being moderately acidic. They have the needed minerals to produce pastures that result in excellent livestock develoments and different agricultural production varieties.

Drinking water is at 50 and 200 meters deep.

Given its conditions their land is suitable for livestock breeding, grazing, farming, textiles and wood.

Carlos Casado's lands are accessible by land or air:  
By land: 620 kilometres to Asunción, paved. Of the 1900 Kilometres to Buenos Aires, 1,700 are paved.
By air: Carlos Casado has landing stripa throughout the area of 1200 meters long, dirt track, suitable for light twin-engine aircrafts. Also in the town of Mariscal Estigarribia (10km from the beginning of the lands) there is an international airport with customs and an immigration office and runway suitable for the landing of international passengers transport aircrafts.

Carlos Casado SA has worked on these lands for over 100 years with a deep knowledge of them.

  • 78%
    avg. relative humidity

  • 900mm
    annual rainfall

  • 25ºC
    avg. annual temperature