Republic of Paraguay


Republic of Paraguay

Paraguay is located in the heart of South America, bordering Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina.

Paraguay currently has 6,800,000 inhabitants and an area of 406,000 km2 It is a Mediterranean country crossed by the Tropic of Capricorn. Located between 19°18' and 27°33' south latitude and 54°19' and 62°38' west longitude of the Greenwich Meridian. The two great natural regions in which the country is divided over the Paraguay River, which crosses the territory from north to south, are the East and West Chaco.

The government is a democratic republic with the traditional separation of powers. It is divided into 17 departments and 1 capital, that is Asunción.

Its economic development is based on Agriculture, Livestock and Industry: Soybean, Cotton, Sugar, Corn, Tobacco, Tapioca, Frozen Meat, Electricity, Oil, Woods, Leather, Drinks, Metallurgy and Steel, Cement, Textiles, Fruits and Vegetables.

Mean annual inflation is 8% and the unemployment rate is 5.5% (2007)

Paraguay is part of the International Monetary Fund.

Its currency is the Guarani.

  • 6.800.000
    in habitants

  • 406.000km²
    of area

  • 8%
    mean annual inflation