Farming and Livestock Breeding


Farming and Livestock Breeding

The experience of Carlos Casado SA in regards to livestock was entirely developed in the nearer lands to the Paraguay River, where he managed to have a 400.000 ha ranch and 75.000 heads of cattle.

This entire area was sold in the year 2000. Currently, Carlos Casado is developing new ranches in the department of Boquerón.

The production data we report are those of the Mennonite Colonies with many years of experience in the same area.

Meat production with pasture is between 200 and 250 kg per hectare.

Casado is starting to produce 6,000 hectares already dismantled, where pastures were introduced, wired fences and water, with the remainder in process, such as the farmstead and working facilities.

Intensive farming with tropical pastures implantation:
• Requires a hectare per animal.
• Birthgiving was an estimated of 80%.
• 22 months steers have an average weight of 430kg.

The cost of clearing plus Gatton Panic implanted pastures are u$s 200 per hectare.

The cost of embankments, fences, waterpoints and roads is estimated at u$s40 per hectare.

By law 25% of the area should be left as a forest reserve, in addition to the windbreaks and the protection of its banks. All this can be estimated as a 40% of the reserve, part of this area can be used with the forest grazing system making use of the wild grass varieties.

These surfaces can be used for extensive livestock farming.

  • 200/300kg
    of meat x ha.

  • 100.000
    heads of casttle

  • 3.500has.
    to pasture