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Legal Notice

The content of this web page is merely informative, not assuming the issuer any commitment for the contained information..

Carlos Casado S.A. offers in its web pages information in relation with the type of activity, products and services it proposes.

(I) The information supplied by Carlos Casado S.A. must be considered for the user like introduction, without it could be estimated as determinant element to take decisions, declining Carlos Casado S.A. any responsibility for the use that could happen of the same one to this respect, and of specific form there has to be understood that the above mentioned information submitted to the in force regulation in Spain, is not destined to those users who act under other jurisdictions of States that demand the fulfilment of different requirements for the putting to disposition, publication or advertising of services and / or financial products.

(II) Carlos Casado S.A. reserves the right to update, to modify or eliminate the information contained in, being able limit or not allow even the access to the above mentioned information, without previous notice. Specially, Carlos Casado S.A. reserves the right to eliminate, to border or prevent the access to its web when technical difficulties arise for facts or circumstances foreign to Carlos Casado S.A. that, to its criterion, diminish or annul the standard adopted levels of safety for the suitable functioning of saying website.

(III) Under no circumstances, Carlos Casado S.A. will be responsible for the losses, damages or prejudices of any type that arise for agreeing and to use the website, being included, but not limiting itself, to the produced ones in the computer systems or the provoked ones for the introduction of virus and / or computer assaults. Carlos Casado S.A. will not also be responsible for the damages that the users could suffer for an inadequate use of this website and, in some way, of the falls, interruptions, absence or fault in the telecommunications.

(IV) Carlos Casado S.A. does not answer to the veracity, integrity or update of the information that are not of its own production and of which another source indicates, as well as of the contained ones in other websites by means of hyperlink or link from, facilitated to the user as alternative sources of information either, that they will be ruled by the terms and conditions of utilization that to such an effect prove exigibles for the holders of the above mentioned web sites, for what Carlos Casado S.A. does not assume any responsibility as for hypothetical prejudices that could originate for the use of the mentioned information. Under no circumstances, the mentioned hyperlinks will be considered as recommendation, sponsorship, or distribution on the part of Carlos Casado S.A. about the information, products and / or services, or, in general, contents of ownership of third, offered for these or in any form for same revealed.

(V) Carlos Casado S.A. does not take any responsibility for the possible discrepancies that, with transitory character, could arise between the version of its printed documents and the electronic version of these ones published in its web pages.

(VI) The totality of this website, that is to say, the elements that compose it (texts, images, brands(marks), emblems, files of audio, files of software, combinations of colours), as well as the structure, selection and order of its contents, are protected by the regulation of Intellectual and Industrial Property, not being able to be the object of development, reproduction, distribution, modification, public communication, transfer or transformation or any other form of diffusion not authorized expressly.

The access to this website grants neither right, nor any ownership to the users on the rights of intellectual and / or industrial property of the contents that this website shelters.

Carlos Casado S.A. reserves the possibility of exercising the legal actions that correspond against the users who violate or infringe the rights of intellectual and / or industrial property.

(VII) The holder of this website is the society Carlos Casado S.A., with domicile in Buenos Aires, Avenue Leandro N. Alem 855, 15° floor, y CUIT 30-52540675-6. E-mail of contact