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Social Capital

The Company's Share Capital amounts to 123,200,000 pesos, consisting of 120,948,446 one-vote shares (class A) and 2,251,554 five-vote shares (class B) with a nominal value of one peso (1.- peso) each.

Caja de Valores S.A. is responsible for the control of the share registry-book.

All of the shares representing the Capital of the Company are listed on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (MERVAL) under code CADO.

In August 2009, the Securities Exchange Commission approved the public offering of the Company's shares in the United States through the implementation of an ADRs (American Depositary Receipts) programme to provide depth and liquidity thereof, providing an additional instrument for accessing foreign investors, listed on the NASDAQ.

Share Price

Current price of CADO

Significant shareholdings

Relevant participations (over 5%) based on the existing documentation in the CNV are the following:

Tecnoartel, S.A.


Mr. Diego Eduardo León


San José Construction Group Inc.