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Conclusion of planting 2017/18

Conclusion of planting 2017/18

Conclusion of planting 2017/18

On february 3rd, sowing was completed for harvest 2017/2018.


In Jerovia farm, 4,475 hectares of soybean have been planted between December 19th and January 3rd, as well as 2,392 hectares of maize between January 5th and February 3rd.


In the first half of January there were precipitations that gave rise to a good progress of the soybean planting and the Maize sowings began.


Fertilizations are good with few significant exceptions, the crops health is optimal and the first sowing strokes are already in flowering time.


Sprays of crop protection move smoothly, mostly terrestrial sprays. At the beginning of the month aerial spraying was carried out.


Under current conditions it is planned soybean harvest between mid-April and the second last week of May and Corn between the second week of June and the third of July.