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Findings Harvest 2019/2020

Findings Harvest 2019/2020
Soybean harvest (status) as of 11/01/19

Findings Harvest 2019/2020

• This harvest year, 7,182 hectares have been planted compared to 6,900 of the previous year.


• 6,203 hectares of soybeans compared to 4,860.4 hectares of soybean in 2019.


• 979 hectares of corn vs. 2,039 hectares of corn in 2019.


• Rains taken place in the last week of November, as well as in the first days of December, allowed the application of pre-planting herbicides.


• With the rains recorded on 1 and 8 December, and after measuring the profiles of accumulated moisture in the soils at different points of the field, it was found that conditions for starting the sowing of 2019-2020 harvest were given.


• In addition, and due to the good stubble of winter cover in certain lots weed infestation goes down to zero, it was possible to start planting as no pre-sowing with herbicides was necessary (1,367 hectares).


• Favourable climatic conditions, with rains in December of 175 mm (higher than the historical average) allowed practically the entire sowing (6,738.3 hectares over a total of 7,182 planned (94%)) in the period between 10 December and 6 January, a situation that had never occurred since 2011, when agricultural exploitation began.


• Births in general are very good, with good plant density, crop health is optimal.


• Crop protection sprays, both air and land, progress smoothly.


• Under current conditions, soybean harvest is expected to be carried out in the second half of April and corn harvest is expected to be carried out in the month of May.