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Results Presentation of 1 Quarter 2019


• The operating profit for the first quarter of 2019 amounted to of US$ 695,580, recording a 74% increase compared to the same period of the previous year, despite the extreme drought conditions in the months of January and February.



• To date, 32% of the soybean crop has been produced (1,571 hectares) with an average yield of 3,011 kg/ha, with a partial production of 4,730 thousand tons. The soybean harvest plated is expected to amount to 4,977 hectares at the end of May.



• The corn harvest on a total of 2,038 hectares and under the current conditions will be carried out during the month of June.



•5,000 cattle heads are available, with the Angus Beef Certification by the Association of Angus Breeders of Paraguay.



• In terms of land development, work continues to enable 475 hectares in the Jerovia Ranch for Livestock, allowing the implementation of 650 hectares of agricultural production, completing 8,000 agricultural hectares and 5,125 livestock.



• Throughout the year, work will continue on the transformation of the area under development, both for agricultural and livestock purposes since we have a large area of ​​land reserves in the area with great potential.