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Presentation of Results Year 2017

The year ended on 2017 has been marked fundamentally by a substantial change in the activity of the company. In march it was incorporated, as a step prior to the split of Cresca the sowings, grains, supplies, vaccine and equine, as well as part of the inputs, to our subsidiary Agropecuaria del Chaco, SA, a company that since then has made the exploitation of the agricultural business previously managed by Cresca.


The exercise closes with a turnover of $ 98,032,563 ($ 3,781,064 in 2016), a profit before tax of $ 62,804,813 ($ 62,740,225), a net profit up $ 45,130,095 ($ 62,241,883), and an Gross operating revenues of $ 11,305,490 ($ -20,865,634).


Regarding the operational activities, harvest 2016/17 concluded with a soybean harvest of 12,238 tons, on a planted area of 4,140 hectares, and 10,352 tons. of corn in 2,227 hectares.


In the livestock activity, the production has increased considerably reaching 842 thousand Kg. of sold meat produced in a total pasture area of 3,970 Ha. at Jerovia and Mbigua farms where a total of 4,293 animals graze.


By business segments, Soybean sales reached an amount of $ 60,100,689, with an Ebitda of $ 9,194,205 (15.3%), corn $ 16,287,250 and an Ebitda of 957,299 (5.9%) and in Livestock $ 21,644,757 with an Ebitda of $ 2,117,157 (9.8%).