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Results Presentation of 3 Quarter 2018

Results Presentation of 3 Quarter 2018

Results Presentation of 3 Quarter 2018


• The operating profit for the third quarter of 2018 amounts to US$ 2,723,737 (AR$ 61.4 million), representing 114% more than in the same period of the previous year, explained mainly by an improvement in yield, production and price of our soybean and corn crops.



• Net profit stood at US$ 20,645,604 (AR$ 459.5 million), explained mainly by translation differences and changes in fair value, as a result of the split of Cresca in favour of Casado Agropecuaria.



• There has been an improvement of 8.6% in the yield of soybean production reaching 3,200 Kg/ha, with a total production of 14,311 Tn, 17% more.



• Corn production improved in 23.3% its yield reaching 5,875 Kg./Ha. with a total production of 13,558 Tn, 31.1% more.



• 4,786 heads of cattle are available, with the certification of Angus beef from the Paraguayan Angus Breeders Association.



• In terms of land development, we have completed land cleaning and improvement works in Mbigua farm, increasing the area of pastures for complete cycle up to 3,300 hectares, increasing those available for wintering in Jerovia, 1,100 and for breeding in the Hacienda Fondo de la Legua, 1,300.



• For the next quarter we will transform the developing surface, both for agricultural and livestock use since we have large land reserves in the area with wide potential.